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Reporting on what you care about. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing Let's be honest for a second: the Disney Villains are awesome. We love our heroes, but you'll find us cheering for the villains every once in a while. From an evil. Are you the fairest of them all? Take the quiz here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/briangalindo/which-disney-villain-are-you Check out more awesome videos at. Are you driven by power? Or do you have more personal desires that motivate your evil-doings? Rulers must be either adored or feared, however these Disney villains. Find out which Disney villain are you! Which Disney Villain Are You? Find out which Disney villain are you

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Magic mirror on the wall, who is the most evil of all? Is your heart black enough to fill the role of the greatest, most vile Disney villains? Take this. Are you truly bad or just misunderstood? Answer these 10 questions to find out What's better than one wickedly funny Disney Villain? Two, of course! Let's cut to the chase: it's time to find out which two Disney Villains you're a. What did you get? Leave a Comment! MORE QUIZZES Which 'Aladdin' Animal Matches Your Personality

The Thirteen Reflections of Evil was a Disney Villain group made for the Epcot pin trading event MickeysPal wrote:You're welcome! Here's what I have estimated for. This is a list of Disney villain characters often based on animated fictional characters who and asks her cauldron to show you several villains to which one.

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  1. How well do you know the Disney villains? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of these iconic characters
  2. We know you've already discovered what Disney accessory you are, but now we want to get a little more in-depth. Sure, Disney Villains might be bad, but their.
  3. EVERYONE is evil, but how evil are you? Find out by taking this awesome Disney Villain Quiz
  4. You are Jay! As the soon of Jafar, the evil villain from Aladdin, Jafar expects his son, Jay, to be as great a thief as he was
  5. Disney villains are overflowing with personality, and some of them run parallel with the darker side of the zodiac. So, which one are you most like

The best part of Disney movies is the villains. They usually have the funniest lines, the most complex motivations (sometimes we're on their side?), the.

Cartoon Disney villains don't have anything on their vicious live-action counterparts! Ever wondered which dastardly Disney villain you embody daily In this quiz, you will either relate the most to The Evil Queen, Maleficent, Captain Hook, Cruella De Vil, Jafar, and Ursula In the Disney world, there are the good guys and the bad guys, and some that blur the line. If you want to find out which one you are, then take this quiz

For every hero and heroine, there is someone who is oppressing them or trying to stop them. Disney has always had colorful, crazy, and sometimes endearing villains. Take our quiz and find out which Disney villain you are. Take the quiz

If you could live anywhere, Who Would Be Your Disney Villain Parent? TIMES PLAYED and it's up to Mal and the Villain Kids to save everyone in their most. Can you name the Disney villains from the movies below Which Disney Villain do you think you are? As in the Disney Hero quiz, I couldn't possibly include them all, so there are only ten results. Well, go ahead and. Which Disney villain sidekick are you? Take this quiz! If your teacher asked you to go kill something for a biology project, what is your reaction out of these? When. Click here to see which evil Disney baddie is worthy of the name 'villain' in this official list of animated Disney villains from given to you in a way nobody.

Join one of the most popular fun sites on the web! Interactive stories, quizzes, trivia tests, videos and all the trending buzz you have to see, read and share Find out which villain represents your evil side Do you know which villainous Disney character you are most like? Take this quiz and find out which evil doer you truly are Take a walk with your friends on the dark side and find out who your villainous counterpart is You've probably seen a million of different personality quizzes on Disney Princesses, however, you might be also interested in taking a quiz on the evi

As much as we root for the heroes, we sure do love to hate the villains! Today, find out which Disney villain They are the characters your love to hate and there are a LOT of them. So many that we could not fit them all into just one quiz. So here is part one of this three.

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You'll find that this quiz looks VERY much like the What Disney villain are you (Male) edition quiz. You see, the three parts of Disney Villain were all originally. Which female disney villain are you? Who is a true villain? Consequently many people and scientist's believe that villains come from an evil family or an evil childhood

Are you truly evil or perhaps just misunderstood? Find out your inner Disney villain in 8 simple questions You're the evil stepmother little girls have nightmares about. Hooray for you, who helped kids learn to love their birth parents and do everything possible to avoid. It's impossible to be a human being and not feel angry from time to time! Let's find out which Disney villain you are most like when you are too ticked off for words Cool. Your skin has pink, peachy pink, or red hues. Neutral. Your skin has a balance of pink and yellow hues. Warm. Your skin has yellow, golden, or olive hue Disney After Hours has been a huge success with guests looking for the It's pretty clear from the foregoing posts that you need some villain character.

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Disney villains: Wicked reference I LOVE IT. Took this and got Jafar even if I always compare myself to the evil queen in snow white or the queen of hearts from Alice. Read on to see if you might have some of the same evil as these villains. You might just watch Disney movies in a whole new way Evil runs in the family, AMIRIGHT?! Have you ever spent your days wondering which Disney villain you might be related to? Yeah, us too. So which of your IRL qualities. disney villain 101: call everyone a fool No fool, we're gonna kill hum. You little fool Silence, you old fooll m not going FOOLSI The blundering Goll to drop.

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Thank you to Kohl's for sponsoring this post!The crazy fashions of Descendants currently has us obsessed with Villain's style.We love how each of the characters. Disney - Villainous™ Game The worst takes it all. In this epic contest of sinister power, take on the role of a Disney Villain and strive to achieve your own. Will you dominate the deep seas or battle for the title of King of Pride Rock? Find out which Disney villain you are with our in-depth music quiz..

Since Disney has been using surprise twist villains recently, why can't Disney bring back clear traditional villains Which Super villain are you quiz... Personality test to find out which super villain you are most similar to Everyone has a little Disney villain in them. Take the quiz to see who you channel when you're showing off your baddie side Screw those animated bad guys — you're REALLY scary Which Disney Villain are you? - So I found a site that let's you know which Disney Villain are you based on your answers. Here's t question and answer in the Disney.

Disney movies have rocked our childhood. But do you know which Disney villain you would be according to your astrological sign? Find out here.. The best part of Disney movies is the villains. They usually have the funniest lines, the most complex motivations (sometimes we're on their side?), the most iconic. Whether you'll admit it or not, everyone has a fave Disney villain. Who is your fave? Ursula? The Evil Queen? Read here what your fave villain says about you

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  1. 1 - You should read the novels in order. When I wrote Fairest of All, I hadn't anticipated Disney would want me to write another novel so I.
  2. Can you pick the Disney villain by a song he or she sings
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  4. Listen up, internet-dwellers: I think it's about time that we all admit that the Disney villains are 100% more fun and interesting than the heroes
  5. Gaston is perhaps the most self-absorbed Disney princess villain. dark villain. He's the man in New Orleans you want to stay away from,.
  6. Which Disney villain are you? Quiz this Halloween? Play your favorite villain this Halloween??!! which Disney villain are you, Disney villain Quiz for Fun

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Disney Villains. 4,700,556 likes · 10,803 talking about this. Wallow in the depths of evil with Disney's dastardly villains If you can point out a specific Villain from that song that you believe needs to be added to the list AND you can The Disney Villain Sykes is actually a.

When the latest trailer for Maleficent called its title character Disney's greatest villain, we couldn't help but scratch our un-horned heads. Malefi..

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Which Disney Villain Are You? Are you a sly devil or a cunning queen? Which Disney villain are you The new line features Disney princess favorites like Ariel and Snow White, as well as villains like Ursula and the Evil Queen

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